No other flooring warms and insulates a room like carpet.  Unlike other types of flooring, carpet is a natural insulator, providing additional warmth in cold seasons.

When we install carpet in your home...

  • The R-Value, or insulation level in that area is increased

  • Potentially saves homeowners utility costs and reduces energy use

  • The material resists heat movement through the flooring, which causes the improved insulation

Johns Manville Technical Center Thermal Labs confirms that carpet and pad significantly increase R-value compared to other flooring materials.

Test results from the different carpet constructions were compared to three hard surface products - ceramic tile, laminate, and engineered hardwood - and the differences were dramatic: 

  • Carpet vs. engineered hardwood:  From 3 to 7 times the R-value.

  • Carpet vs. laminate: From 4 to 8 times the R-value.

  • Carpet vs. ceramic tile: From 8 to 17 times the R-value. 


Carpet shows a clear advantage in insulation capability over hard surface flooring.  Of course, potential energy cost savings by using carpet compared to hard surfaces will vary widely.  The type of floor construction, local energy costs, climate, and carpet/cushion type all affect how significant these savings could be.

Obviously, savings would be greater in colder regions of the country.