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Installation Services with Wall-to-Wall Floor Covering

Installation Services With Wall-To-Wall Floor Covering services at Wall-to-Wall Floor Covering deliver. Once you have selected and ordered the flooring that matches your requirements, the next step is installation. In a quality installation the flooring shines through. Elements of an installation should fade to the background, or better yet, be invisible. Wall-to-Wall Floor Covering offers this service in Ronks, Lancaster, York, Chester, Berks and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
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An installation isn't just laying a floor down. Every job is different, and this is where the training, credentialing and experience of our installation team comes to the forefront. They understand the nuance of fitting the flooring correctly, and take the extra effort to perfect the installation.

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Before the Installation Begins

When the installation day is set, your sales associate will go over what you need to do before the installers arrive. It is likely the following tasks will be on your list:

  • Schedule your time so that you will be present during the installation, there are times when last minute decisions will be required
  • Arrange for children and pets to stay away from the installation work site and the installers vehicles
  • Clear the space of all furniture, ...
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